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Imagine a world where every voice is heard!

Finding your voice and expressing yourself with confidence nourishes your soul and enriches the world around you.  Whether you want to sing or play an instrument, as a soloist or with an ensemble, what you have to share makes a difference.  

With a fun and inclusive community-based approach, we help you find your inspiration, motivation and confidence through experiences that will excite and connect you. 

Inspiring Your Voice to Make a Difference

We offer private music lessons and performance classes for ages 4 to 104, choir programs, singing camps, private yoga therapy and yoga classes, weekend island retreats and musical tours!
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  • Harmony House has added so much to my life, socially, physically and emotionally in the past several years. As an adult starting to address a few things on my constantly growing bucket list, its like one stop shopping for trying new things, experiencing the joy of music in so many forms, and learning to be comfortable performing in front of other people. Between singing in Harmony House's wonderful choirs (Spirits Call and Classic Rock Choir), taking solo lessons, singing with a small group, or trying out an instrument for the first time, its all fun and oh so good for every bit of me! I've learned that music is a pretty terrific antidote for just about anything that causes stress in our busy lives...and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing experience and hope to keep at it for a while! Thank you Harmony House!
  • My son has been taking lessons for 1.5 years and at the age of 9, he can play the piano while singing which is super impressive. He can sit in front of the piano and sing songs by Alicia Keys, John Lennon, Elton John, Oasis and Vulfpeck and I did not have to ask him to practice at all. It is fun for him to study cords and perform in front of audience.

    I would say, you are lucky to find this place and that is how I feel.
  • Thank you Sandy and Jeremy for one more succesful year at Harmony House!  Zivan is developing his musicianship spontaneously and without too much effort every year allowing him to focus on his other obligations as well.  Zivan is two years at HH and really enjoys being a part of a band as well as performing solo songs at the concerts.
    We will definitely continue to be a part of this amazing musical family.
  • My daughter is loving her lessons at Harmony House. Jeremy is a fabulous teacher and very enthusiastic. The teaching approach has helped my daughter's confidence with learning to play the piano and to sing.
  • What a fantastic place! If you want to see your young people (and your own grown up self) step into a joyful and brave way of being with music; performance, collaboration, sharing, skill development, & discovery. This is the place. ❤️ LOVE
  • Harmony House is very special, unique and different in a way that you can witness if you give it a go. While producing measurable results, it's so easy to see that the teachers, owners and this school in general have passion about being brave, about the skills learned and having their students find passion in the music that they learn. The next difference is the students actually perform before a live audience in concert (after recording in studio) if one is up for it. With multiple programs (private instrumental, voice lessons, group ensembles and unique programs beyond), both young and old alike grow in not only skills but confidence while performing. The teachers bring out your best with skill, patience and humour. Our own daughter has grown and accelerated in playing/singing in a fairly short period of time and it's such a joy to see her into it! ps. The students get to decide what songs they want to learn which keeps it all very cool/current for them. Highly recommend this school.
  • Harmony House isn't just a place for kids to take music lessons - they genuinely create a community of all ages with a love of music and give you a platform to perform, collaborate and grow musically. The adult program has been an awesome experience for me and i would recommend it to anyone who loves music and might think it is too late to play an instrument or sing - it isn't too late!
  • It's a great music school! Not only students learn how to play the instrument they choose, they also learn how to be confident. My 5-year old daughter started 10 months ago in the Budding Musician program; I really like the fact that she not only learns to play piano, but also singing at the same time and learning to talk & perform with microphone (in front of audience). These are the ultimate qualities I want my child to develop which will benefit her in her lifetime and Harmony House has a very well-planned program to guide their students to be confident. I have friends that sent their children to other piano school at young age and went through lots of crying & rejecting (some children never wanted to touch piano after a few months), I am very happy that my daughter is still very interested to play (although practise at home doesn't last long ;) and is making progress.
  • So happy we chose this over school music. The individual attention has advanced my son tremendously. The teachers are amazing!

  • Wonderful small music school with a family-like atmosphere. Unlike other places we have tried, these teachers are here long-term and not passing through, so the consistency is great. The added perks like twice-yearly studio recording, two professional concerts, fun family events, christmas carolling, etc. etc. really add to the experience. Sandy and Jeremy, the owners, are passionate about what they do. Highly recommended for children as well as adults.
  • I have had the absolute pleasure of being a member of the Classic Rock Choir through Harmony House Music School. I came alone and was embraced with instant acceptance. This is truly a community of people who come together for the joy of singing. No pesky audition and even those who cannot read music happily learn their harmony in this incredibly chill choir. I can't wait for Seotember to start on our new songs.
  • In the spring of 2016, at 45 years old and at a stage of life where my kids are teenagers, I decided to start investing some time in myself, to do something that I enjoy for me. Ah, singing lessons I thought! Google to the rescue, and a few clicks later I landed on the website of Harmony House Music School. The more I read, the more impressed I became with the background and experience of the teachers, particularly Sandi Melody, one of the Directors/Teachers.

    I had learned that both Sandi and Jeremy Vallance (also a Director/Teacher at Harmony House) operated Spirits Call Choir, a non-denominational singing-group of people like me, people with little or no singing experience that love to sing. At the time, the spring session of the choir was just about to start, and the meeting location was very close to where I live in North Vancouver. I figured what better way to try singing and meet both Sandi and Jeremy at the same time.

    Yes, like most people I suspect, I was initially timid about going outside my comfort zone in doing something that I had never done outside the confines of a shower curtain. Though after making it through the first evening of singing with the choir, it was amazing how pumped and energetic I felt. Sandi and Jeremy had done a splendid job of making me feel welcome, without applying judgement to my singing, and with lots of encouragement to just “sing it out”. I was hooked, and nearly a year later, I continue to enjoy singing with Spirits Call Choir both in North Vancouver on Tuesday nights, and downtown Vancouver on Wednesday nights.

    In the fall of 2016, having now been singing for 6 months, I wanted more of Harmony House – I started taking private singing lessons with Sandi, and I joined a small vocal ensemble of 6 adults. The private singing lessons really helped teach me proper singing technique – I particularly noticed improvement with transitioning smoothly from chest voice to head voice, and vice-versa, and now feel more comfortable doing so when singing alone or with others. The small vocal ensemble provided a more intimate and personal experience to sing with a smaller number of people than the traditional choir, as well as a more creative opportunity to learn how to sing harmonizing music with others. Sandi and Jeremy were exceptional at identifying what little adjustments were needed to have you sounding your best individually and with a group – what great talent and skill!

    If you love to sing, and have the same apprehensions and fears that I expect most of us have when we go outside our comfort zone to try something new, particularly something so personal that makes us vulnerable, then Harmony House and Spirits Call Choir would be a great choice for you. Please leave your apprehensions and fears at the door and give it a try – you’ll be so happy you did. You’ll meet so many great people, and you’ll feel so much more uplifted and energetic as a person.
  • Hands down - best music school ever. Kids/youth stay engaged and motivated because they get to do the kind of music they want to do. Promotes music for life - and if you want - for work as well. Amazing (for adults too!!)
  • Harmony House has helped me to become the strong individual I am today. As a little kid I fell inlove with music, and Sandi - along with Harmony House - continued to fuel that fire. I've been with HH for atleast 8 years, being offered challenges and support all throughout. HH and Sandi were amazing to help me continue my education in music when I was struggling to get by, and never failed to cheer me up.

    HH is the only school in the lower mainland that offers this type of experience: recording in studios, performing on a professional stage, and having the opportunity to work both privately and with others. I have learned much from my time at HH and will always keep it close to my heart.
  • Harmony House provided an excellent environment and rich learning opportunities for my daughter who wished to explore her musical interests in a supportive, nurturing place. Her many years spent there has had an indelible impact on her creative live. Sandi Melody is an outstanding leader, and talented teacher, whose philosophy is inspirational and effectively applied at HH. I would highly recommend the school to anyone at any level who wishes to express themselves musically. I am personally very grateful to the school and its staff for influencing my daughter in such an overwhelmingly positive, life enhancing way.
  • Harmony House is a wonderful place to learn. The programming is set up to inspire, motivate and put just the right amount of pressure on students so that they practice!
    Music, especially vocals, is not something that can be taught well without creativity. The teachers at Harmony House have many approaches to drawing out techniques and results, and work with each individual to find a method that resonates.
  • I took lessons at Harmony House for four years and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to take their musicianship to the next level. The teachers are positive and encouraging, and all amazing musicians in their own rights. There is also a strong emphasis on developing skills for live performances, which is extremely beneficial to anyone looking to play in live bands. This all happens in one of the most welcoming and supportive environments I've ever been a part of.

    In short, Harmony House offers unparalleled instruction in an ideal environment, and anyone looking for music lessons would be crazy not to go here!
  • My daughter took piano lessons from Sandi Melody at Harmony house when she was 5 and 6 years old - which was 20 years ago! HH gave her a fantastic start as a musician, and she has been a professional musician since she was 12. The footage I have of her playing "When the Saint's Go Marching In" at one of their wonderful recitals is priceless.

    Harmony House provides an incomparable foundation for all who come through its doors.
  • Harmony House always always been nothing but awesome for me! I've taken drum lessons, performance classes, and just about every other course they have had to offer over the years. Harmony House always provides students with fun teachers and a positive learning environment which can be a rarity these days.. I have made several close friends over the years at Harmony House and wouldn't trade the years of lessons for anything. Sandi herself is the most motivating positive individual out there and her vision for harmony house is spectacular. She truly believes every single student has their own talents and it is her job to bring it all out! Thanks Harmony House :)
  • My past 5 years at harmony house have helped shape me as a person, as well as a musician. Throughout high school, I have enjoyed coming to harmony house for music lessons at the end of the day. Learning to sing and expand my vocal range with different techniques is a skill that I can hold onto for the rest of my life.
  • Harmony House is not just an academic institution. It is a community of musicians, young and old, beginners and experts, that allows its members to delve into an awesome world of artistry. Harmony House laid the foundation for my exploration into this world and many years later I can confidently say that my life was changed for the better.
  • Looking back, it’s easy to see how much Harmony House has helped me grow, not only as a musician, but also as a person. The student directed environment is fleshed out with incredibly passionate teachers and a uniquely structured lesson program. The teachers are clearly talented musicians in their own right, and are always full of great advice for both recording and performance. My favourite part of Harmony House would have to be the group classes. While individual skills are foundational, the group classes create an opportunity for budding musicians to work with other students and expand their abilities in a low pressure, insanely fun setting. The Harmony House community somehow manages to be both tight-knit and wildly inclusive, and one I would recommend to just about anyone!
  • Harmony House has been a really wonderful and exciting experience. I have learned a lot about my voice and myself through Harmony House. The people at HH have helped me achieve my goals and dreams, and have guided me in the right direction for my singing career. I can't wait to go to music school next year and I wouldn't have done it without Harmony House!
  • How many places are there that can mold any musical instruction to your needs, and push you in the perfect directions to grow both musically and as a person? Not very many, but Harmony House is definitely one of them. I was able to be in a small vocal ensemble with some amazing people and work on group songs as well as solo performance. I have been in many choirs, but this was a completely unique experience for me, and it has helped me in my musical abilities (singing, harmonizing, creating melodies and counter-melodies) as well as public speaking and other skills essential for everyday life.
  • Since early this year, my son Matt has been taking one-on-one electric guitar lessons with the multi-talented Keith Sinclair, who also happens to be choir master for the adult choir (which I am a part of). Matt has progressed very well, and looks forward to the lessons with Keith who is truly extraordinary. Wish I had that kind of opportunity when I was my son’s age. HH’s co-directors Sandi and Jeremy are amazing human beings and musicians in their own right.
  • My time at Harmony house wasn't overly long, but I can honestly say that it was one of the best years of my training.
    I really appreciate how highly they hold the value of performance as a training method.
    In a single lesson, you get the benefit of learning technique while working on a song. I think this is a great way of getting the technique down because it makes it enjoyable and you feel like you're improving every day!
    If you'd like to get into performing and improving your technique all at the same time, join Harmony House, it really is the place for you 😊
  • Sandi, owner and creator, is a visionary. My time observing and participating in Harmony House music programs was powerful. Sandi creates a safe and inclusive space for everyone to feel able to participate in music. Sandi, as my piano teacher, helped me overcome negative experiences with past piano teachers who had labelled me as having "bad timing". Music is such a sacred art. If someone squelches your innate ability to create music, that is the deepest tragedy. Sandi's programs are revolutionary in teaching music. She transcends boxes and meets a student where they're at.
  • I have been with Harmony House for just over 7 years now and the program has changed my life! I have made so many friends who I spend time with outside of the program and I have become way more confident as a performer (pianist/singer) and as a person through all the performances at Kay Meek and other events such as performing in the Vancouver Sun Run 3 years in a row and all the fundraisers they have done for diabetes and the most recent for the Syrian Refugees. I have learned so much about music and have had tremendous improvement and growth since I've started. Overall I think it's an amazing program that I would recommend to anyone looking to be a professional musician or even just learning an instrument for fun!
  • I really enjoy teaching at Harmony House because they offer the students some unique musical experiences that are not offered at other places. Some of those include, recording music at a studio and playing shows with the teachers.
  • I have been taking lessons with harmony house for 9 years, and I have loved every minute of it. The community of harmony house is very close knit yet welcoming, you will not find anything else like it. Also learning to play a new instrument is an experience like no other, and playing with other musicians will form friendships for life. Another fantastic aspect is learning to play in front of, and talk to an audience because it will boost your confidence. It is like taking a public speaking course! Harmony house music studio is a extraordinary program that has shaped me into the person I am today.
  • Harmony House Music Studio has shaped me into the musician I am today. If it weren't for the inspiration and support given to me by the teachers and friends there, I wouldn't have gotten so into music. Today, music is easily what I call my passion. The teachers at Harmony House all know what they're doing and are willing to help and teach us students whatever we desire. Not only that, but Harmony House offers very unique performance opportunities (such as playing a song of your choice backed up by a professional band) and recording opportunities. Some of the friends I have made there have become lifelong friends who have changed my life. It is a beautiful and supportive community.
  • I'm a University student taking part in a summer ensemble at Harmony House, and I love it. The personalized aspect of the sessions lets us students take the music in the direction we want, but we are always encouraged to try just a bit more than we want, or than we think we can do.

    Every single time I have done more, I have learned that I actually do like that type of music or that I can actually sing that song. I've been fine performing in large groups for years, but Harmony House has done wonders for my nervousness in solo performance. I performed a solo while playing the piano for the first time in my life, and I couldn't have done it without Harmony House.
  • Harmony House Music Studio engages all students in collaborative authentic music experiences that foster life long learning and deep music appreciation. Creativity, rigour, and teamwork seem to happen organically at Harmony House but upon further investigation it is evident that the development of these 21st century skills is direct and purposeful. Harmony House provides robust music and learning opportunities for all ages.

  • Harmony House has been a significant part of my life for what feels like most of my life. As a child who was heavily immersed in all types of art based activities, music was always my favourite. Being homeschooled growing up, I never really felt like I fit in anywhere. When I started voice lessons at Harmony House at the age of eleven, I felt as if I had finally found my "place" I was supposed to fit into. As a teenager, most of us are in the early stages of finding ourselves and to have a community like Harmony House to love and support you as you grow through that difficult time has an immense impact that helps nurture balance, courage and self-confidence. After high school I attended Vancouver Community College of Music. It was here that I ultimately realized how much Harmony House had really taught me. Subjects like master classes, performances, the recording studio, ear training and theory were all things I had an upper hand in because Harmony House specifically focuses on all these aspects of the art. It was because of this training I was able to excel in school, and eventually return to Harmony House as a voice and piano teacher. The students, teachers, parents and everyone else involved in Harmony House are to thank for helping this wonderful school stay alive for 20 years and counting. I owe so much of my success to this school. My only wish is that others continue to be just as enlightened as I have been from my experience here. I hope to continue that legacy through my own teaching at Harmony House.
  • When I joined Harmony House, I was a shy middle-schooler that enjoying singing, but had no formal experience. Sandi and all of her staff are incredible, and helped me blossom into a confident young performer. I took private vocal lessons with Sandi, and also joined an ensemble with young people my age. In these lessons, you can not only take part in choosing the songs you would like to perform, but with great support from extremely encouraging and talented teachers, you can play an active part in building on and exploring your musical abilities. H.H not only puts on events where we can showcase our hard work, they also take us into studios to record our songs.

    I'm 24 now, and just recently went back to H.H. to form an ensemble of young adults, and perform at the Christmas showcase. It was such a joy and pleasure to be back at H.H again.If you are in middle school or entering high school, as I was when I joined H.H., I would really recommend discovering the programs offered by H.H. The music studio is filled with professionals who offer continuous support and a very personalized learning experience.
  • My experience at Harmony House has really shaped me as a person and musician. Before Harmony House I was doubtful of my performance skills but the confidence I gained in the encouraging and supportive environment of our showcases has really stayed with me and I am now a regularly performing artist. I really loved my vocal ensemble classes. Not only did we learn how to sing in 6 part harmony (!!) but we also learned how important and fulfilling it is to work in a team. Learning new songs was often student-directed to give us the opportunity to learn how to teach and motivate each other. Student input is always encouraged and incorporated by the teachers which made me feel equal and in charge of my learning. I often call upon the musical techniques I learned at HH when finding harmonies or understanding music theory and sight reading when I'm playing music with people today. I also really loved performance class because it gave me the opportunity to try new instruments without feeling inadequate or judged. The teachers and students at Harmony House really felt like a second family to me and the relationships I made continue today. Watching the other students progress and improve at every performance was always inspiring and now in my fourth year at university, it is really wonderful to see how everyone has taken the skills and love of music they learned at HH and continued playing music on their own in such different and creative ways!
  • Harmony House offers a unique approach to learning music, through community based learning that allows the students to work with each other to improve not only their individual musical talents, but to improve how they operate within a band dynamic, a very useful skill with many applications outside of music. Learning at Harmony House is largely student driven, allowing kids to learn what they want to learn, and when they want to learn it. This makes learning music very fun, and avoids the problem of burning kids out with outdated curriculums. I've been taking lessons here for over five years now, and without exception every teacher I have had has been both an extremely proficient musician and a very knowledgeable and helpful instructor. Harmony House allows for a unique mode of musical growth that produces well rounded, and highly capable musicians, as well as encouraging complex co-operation with others. This is the best music school I could have asked for, and I have no doubts I would be a different musician, even person, were it not for Harmony House.
  • As a vocalist, I understand how personal the development of one's voice and musical abilities can be. When I started singing, I was so shy I could barely get out of the car and walk myself into the lesson room. It only took a matter of weeks before HH had me excited about singing in group master classes. My fear of forgetting words or hitting an off note dissipated and I was overcome by the pure exhilaration of belonging to such an inclusive and productive musical group. The support I got from my teachers and fellow musicians carried out into my personal life. My experience at HH is something that continues on in many different aspects of life. At HH, I have developed much more than just my voice; my ability to present in University classes, my confidence in interviews and in work, and even choosing appropriate avenues for expressing negative emotions. I want to thank all the teachers at HH who have taught me how music can empower one's soul. I also feel like they could charge a Psychologist's fee, as this kind of music interaction is pure therapy.
  • As a teacher for Harmony House, I've found it to be one of the most interesting music schools in the lower mainland. The sense of community and collective music making by the students is unlike any other school I've ever seen. Students learn skills in private lessons and are given a chance to apply them in a group setting. I would recommend studying here to any student.
  • I feel very lucky to have attended Harmony House before I entered college in New York to study contemporary music. My drum lessons at HH were a breath of fresh air from my previous music school. The teachers are extremely supportive and patient, and make the challenge of learning an instrument fun rather than tedious. When i'm back in town for vacation I will sometimes take a lesson or two at Harmony House because the teachers are great at providing you with useful, practical skills in a short amount of time. One major bonus about the school is that they put on performances a few times a year. I perform frequently in a band in New York, and I can honestly say that without the performance experience I gained at Harmony House I probably would not have had the courage to do what I do now. Harmony House gave me a well rounded education in both drums and guitar while keeping me interested in the value and enjoyment of music, so much so that I have gone on to pursue it as my career.
  • I went to Harmony house for only a couple years, but the kind, knowledgeable instructors furthered my abilities more than several years of lessons elsewhere. The teachers are working musicians, and the material that they teach is very relevant. As a student who is now getting my degree in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music, I can safely say that Harmony House and the community behind it really helped to get me going down the road I'm on today.

    Not only are the individual lessons great, but there are numerous opportunities to play in ensembles, which is definitely a vital experience to have for any budding musician.
  • I took voice and piano lessons at Harmony House for 5 years and it was such a positive experience. The teachers are all so dedicated and helpful, always pushing you to be better. I was also given the opportunity to be in vocal ensembles and various bands throughout the years which was maybe the best part of it all. I learned so many skills (musical and personal) in these programs that have been useful in numerous aspects of my life since. Harmony House is more than just a music school, and I would recommend it to anyone. It's such a fun school to be a part of!
  • Harmony House Music Studio in North Vancouver is amazing. I take voice lessons, group performance and vocal ensemble there and look forward to ever class. Not only does it teach you valuable skills it gives you a stronger understanding and appreciation for music. The teachers are catered towards you and are focused on improving skills you lack in and making skills your good at even better. They encourage you to dive into many different genres of music which you might not have even looked at before. Opening your eyes to and allowing you to experiment with all the different music thats out there. Another great thing about Harmony House is the people. They are wonderful. Its like its own fun and accepting community, anyone can feel at home in. I am new to Harmony House this year and instantly felt welcomed by everyone. One of the best things about Harmony House Studio is that we get so many performance opportunities such as the end of term shows, battle of the bands at the youth centre and my favourite the Sun Run, where we play for the runners to encourage them along the way. Its a fantastic place and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in music!
  • Harmony House has been wonderful for my daughter. She loves the classes and her participation has rounded out her musical training so nicely. She loves the opportunity to sing as part of a harmonizing ensemble, as part of a band and on her own. The instructors are so supportive and enthusiastic. It has been a great experience.
  • Harmony House Music Studio is by FAR the best teaching studio on the North Shore. I would know - I am an instructor and have been to nearly all of them!

    They have an excellent team of dedicated teachers there and offer private lessons as well as ensemble classes (rock bands!). I believe the ensemble classes are one of the things that sets Harmony House apart from the rest. Some other schools offer this as well, but by no means are they on the same level (that I've heard of). The students I have encountered as a substitute teacher there are all very eager and studious and are a pleasure to teach.

    Lastly, Sandi, the brave woman behind this whole operation, is a caring and fearless leader. As if she wasn't busy enough already, she is also one of the busiest instructors at the school.
  • I've been taking classes at Harmony House for a few months now. Sandi Melody and her team are professional musicians and performers. This school is a cut above the rest. Combining music theory and practical skills for performing has boosted my confidence in all aspects of my life.
  • My daughter attended Harmony House this past year, and it has been a fantastic experience for her. Not only from a music instructional standpoint, but from a self esteem perspective as well. She was involved in an ensemble group, but was also given the opportunity to sing a solo at one of the live venue forums. I don't know of any other offering on the North Shore that would offer students the opportunity for musical training that she receives and then to perform in venues such as a jazz club and the Kay Meek Center. We came for the music and friendships initially, and frankly had no idea of the talent buried within. But it is the worldly self confidence that has emerged that is truly the gift.
  • I can not begin to explain the benefits of Harmony House. Having studied voice, guitar, and piano there for 5 years (and come back to visit the school whenever I'm home from college) I can say that the multitude of music and (inter)personal skills I learned in that time through the lessons, ensembles, performance classes, recording studio sessions, and term performances have stayed with me throughout my college career and helped me in innumerable and invaluable ways. This school can take you or your child from someone who loves music and plays an instrument to a true musician - if you put in the work of course!
  • My 13 year old daughter has been involved with Harmony House for 2 years. Her Harmony House experience has been nothing but positive. I am amazed by the skill that she is developing as a singer and with the confidence that she has gained in herself through Harmony House programs.
  • Took lessons there for several years and had a great experience, and I learned alot! The teachers are very knowledgeable and easy to get along with. Very glad i went there!
  • Great teachers, great environment - very motivational atmosphere to learn in. Helped me immensely with my music career :)

Harmony House Music School

Since 1993, our "Fun First" student-led philosophy has motivated and engaged students, fostering their love of music and helping them excel, performing songs they enjoy with their peers.
Specializing in performance, our community-based approach to contemporary music teaches confidence to express your passion to a live audience, backed by a professional band on a professional stage, for a thrilling, true-to-life musical experience.  Children, youth and adults grow with the support of their teachers, friends and family, in a positive, non-competitive environment that promotes teamwork, leadership, connection and skill, values that last a lifetime.
Offering private lessons in: ♪Voice ♪ Piano ♪ Guitar ♪ Bass Guitar ♪ Ukulele ♪ Drums ♪
With Classes in: ♪ Small Vocal Ensemble ♪ Solo Performance ♪ Band ♪  
Singing together is the best way to create a sense of joy and community.  This is an all-ages, non-audition, non-religious teaching choir that brings community together in joyful harmony to raise funds and awareness for charity. 

Classic Rock Choir

Want to sing classic rock the way it was meant to be sung?  The CRC Vancouver is a FUN, educational opportunity for singers of all ages to learn the ins and outs of rock singing, including exercises for ear training and technical vocal instruction specifically for rock singers.
PLUS we record our songs in a recording studio and perform in a professional theatre WITH A PROFESSIONAL ROCK BAND!

Yoga Classes

Gain a deeper understanding of how Yoga helps through directed instruction, questions and feedback!
Offering classes in:  ▾ Tensegrity Repair ▾ Yoga for Bone Health ▾ Yin Yoga and Meditation ▾ Yoga-sing ▾

Private Yoga Therapy

One-on-One Yoga Therapy with Sandi Melody.  Through consistent directed Yoga practice, you can experience:
▾ Improved physical, mental and emotional health ▾ Peace of mind ▾ Renewed energy & focus ▾ Empowerment ▾
Your Healing Journey... offering every "bodymind" a place to discover whole system lifestyle tools and techniques for Self healing.
Join us for a weekend of self care and self discovery!  
Surround yourself with the peace and serenity of Salt Spring Island's beauty.
▾ Heal mind, body & soul ▾ Create new friendships▾ Enjoy delicious homegrown cuisine▾ Be inspired  ▾

Adult Summer Singing Camp

Why let kids have all the fun?
This is a fun way to spend time this summer, getting energized and uplifted with song while escaping the fast pace of work and family life. This is where you will actively learn to sing in harmony in a safe environment in the company of like-minded, supportive people who want to experience the benefits of song in their lives. 


Sandi & Jeremy

A family business since 1993, Sandi and Jeremy have proudly built a vibrant and supportive community upon Sandi's original vision based on inclusion, accessibility, unity and joy.  

We are grateful to every one of our members and look forward to welcoming you too.