Recordings to be done by this weekend...

By the end of this weekend, (November 22) please have recorded and submitted "Round and Round" and the alleluia of the "Morning Hymn."  Instructions on what to wear and how to record and send the video are all on the Repertoire Page along with the backtracks for the songs, and instructions on how to record and send the video are on the page How To Record.

As discussed in last night's rehearsal, the Round and Round backtrack has been reposted.  There were some timing errors in the previous recording which have since been corrected.  Our apologies for the error and resulting confusion.

If you've already recorded and submitted Round and Round, you don't need to redo it!!!  I can edit it once I put the video together.

If you have yet to record, please note there are only 4 beats between EVERY verse, so there's no guessing where to come in.  After the last note is sung in the verse, just count... 1... and 2... and 3... and 4... and "round and round..."

Get in touch if you have any questions or need assistance.

New tracks on CRC repertoire list

Hi All: 

As discussed last practice, there are now practice loops under Bohemian Rhapsody for the specific measures where you may need extra practice.  The loops are only a few measures each, and they loop 12 times.

Let me know if you need anything else to help you learn the song.


New Choir Materials Online, Plus "Who Are You" video

Hi Everyone!

Log onto the members page of Classic Rock Choir at to see all the new materials for choir rehearsal, including I've Seen All Good People, Listen to the Music and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Plus, check out our video of "Who Are You" from last season.  After many hours of editing and refining, it is finished and on Youtube.  Find it on the Classic Rock Choir channel, at

Leave comments, and you can even subscribe to the channel to help spread the word!

See you soon.


Yoga Registration

Choir begins September 8th

We're looking forward to seeing you all September 8th.  With the rise in COVID and lack of rehearsal space, we are continuing online for now.  Because it's online, people from anywhere are welcome to join.


See you soon.

Jeremy & Sandi