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clarification + apology

Posted November 19, 2020
by Sandi Melody

Hello fellow singers!

I'm writing to apologize for the confusion regarding the "Round and Round" round.  I was thrown off by the arrangement Jeremy created for you to follow last week with the odd number of bars to wait between verses.  Because this is a song we have sung a lot in the choir before, and we will sing it a lot in the future as well (because it is so glorious when we sing it in a cathedral) it is important that we are being consistent.

1/2 of our choir is not participating with us online so if we change the form of the song they will all be lost and confused when we are back together in person, and it would be difficult to adjust.  So I just wanted to be clear that it is not that I didn't think that you would be able to make the adjustments for our video, I was thinking long term and wanting to keep consistent.

So, that is why you may notice that on this final recording it is actually only 2 "heart beat" drums between verse 1 and verse 2 (not 4).  Each phrase is 4 bars long, but there are only 2 heartbeats per phrase.  This allows us to perform it in  SATB  sections (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

So, once again - VERY SORRY for the confusion.  Hopefully it's straight forward now.  (It's really such a straight forward song!  LOL!)

Happy video taping!

🙂 Sandi

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