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Give A Little Bit - Counting tracks added

Posted March 6, 2021
by Jeremy

Hello Rockers;

The recording tracks for "Give A Little Bit" have been updated to include a counting track to help you get all the syncopated entries.  As it seemed the majority of you preferred the audio count to a video conducting track last practice, we won't be making a video.  Plus, as Torri pointed out, everyone's eyes would be on the video, not looking at the camera. (if you don't get the counting track when you click the file, you may have to empty your browser cache first - if you need further instruction on that, let me know and tell me what browser you're using - Safari, Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

One more practice this coming week, before our two-week spring break.  Then we're back April 1st.

We hope to see you all this Sunday night at 7pm for the Harmony House Jazz & Blues Concert Online!  https://zoom.us/j/5845511675?pwd=TGZEN1BtUFJLbjFCRkhEN1JBN2FmQT09

See you soon.

Sandi & Jeremy.

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