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Inspiring Your Voice to Make a Difference

Finding your voice and expressing yourself with confidence nourishes your soul.  Whether you want to sing or play an instrument, as a soloist or with an ensemble, what you have to share makes a difference to the world around you.  

With a fun and inclusive community-based approach, we help you find your inspiration, motivation and confidence through experiences that will excite and connect you. 
We offer private music lessons and classes for ages 4 to 104, choir programs, singing camps, private yoga therapy and therapeutic yoga classes, as well as weekend retreats!

Harmony House Music School

Since 1993, Harmony House Music School has taught students from age 4 to 104 the joy of music.
Our community-based approach to contemporary music helps students grow with the support of their teachers, friends and family, learning the value of teamwork and leadership as they build confidence and musicianship.
Our "Fun First" student-led philosophy keeps students engaged and they excel because of their growing love of music, playing songs they enjoy, motivated to learn and perform together with their peers.
We offer instruction in voice, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums and ukulele, online and in-person.

Summer Singing Camp

Why let the kids have all the fun?
This is a fun way to spend time this summer, getting energized and uplifted with song while escaping the fast pace of work and family life. This is where you will actively learn to sing in harmony in a safe environment under the direction of music professionals Sandi Melody and Jeremy Vallance. 

You’re in the company of like-minded, supportive people who want to experience the benefits of song in their lives. All you need is a desire to sing;   NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

Spirit's Call Choir

This is an all-ages, non-audition, non-religious teaching choir that brings community together in joyful harmony to raise funds and awareness for charity.  We sing for personal, choral and global harmony, and encourage everyone to sing out because to us, sharing joy with each other, our audiences and those we help is what really matters.

Classic Rock Choir

The CRC Vancouver is a FUN, educational opportunity for singers of all ages and all levels to learn the ins and outs of rock singing.  Our warm-ups include time to develop and maintain proper vocal technique habits, and vocal exercises for ear training, as well as genre-specific vocal technique for rock singing.

We record our songs in a recording studio and perform at a professional theatre each term... 

Yoga-sing Classes

Suitable for singers who want to learn yoga technique and how it can help prepare the body for maximum vocal resonance, and for yogis interested in learning the fundamentals of healthy vocal technique.
Chanting in community is very healing and a powerful stress reliever. It’s a way for people to connect, relax and find a sense of inner peace. And these states can last for days if not all week long!

Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Your Healing Journey... offering every "bodymind" a place to discover whole system lifestyle tools and techniques for Self healing.

Including weekly classes in 
Tensegrity Repair Series 
Yoga for Bone Health 
Yin Yoga and Meditation

Yoga-sing Retreats

Join us for a weekend of self care and self discovery!  Personal connection, personal education and personal discovery = TRANSFORMATION!

Surround yourself with the peace and serenity of Salt Spring Island's beauty.
Enjoy delicious, vegetarian cuisine.
Create new friendships.
Heal mind, body and soul.
Be inspired and reminded that

Private Yoga Therapy

One-on-One Yoga Therapy with Sandi Melody.  Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals
to progress toward improved health and well-being
through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.

Sandi & Jeremy

A family business since 1993, Sandi and Jeremy have proudly built a vibrant and supportive community upon Sandi's original vision based on inclusion, accessibility, unity and joy.  

We are grateful to every one of our members and look forward to welcoming you too.