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Makin' it Work!

Posted September 15, 2020
by Sandi Melody

Hello all!

While it is true that online singing is not the same as in person, that doesn't mean we can't continue to get all the same healing benefits from singing online together during Covid.  It just means we have to change our expectations and our focus for the term.  We can still have FUN!  We can still LEARN!  We can still CONNECT with one another through smiles and conversations and just simply showing up for one another.  What we'll be missing without the in person connection we will make up for with personalized skill development and education!

REMINDER: Tonight is our very first night of "sectionals"!

What is a sectional?  This means I will be working with the soprano sectiton only and Jeremy will be working with the tenor section only.  We will spend the whole evening focusing on the ins and outs of these two sections, (we will not be covering any alto or bass part singing).  And next week we will hold sectionals for the Altos & Basses and it will be the soprano & altos turn to work on their own with the recordings.

We are doing sectionals to make better use of your time and energy, so you don't get bored waiting around for your section to have it's turn.  Sectionals allow the group to be smaller and focused on specifics, so the learning curve is steep!  

What are you supposed to do on your "off week"?  Well, PRACTICE of course!  I suggest practice from 7 - 9pm on Tuesdays as planned to keep your singing time regluar, but of course you can do your practicing whenever you want and as many times as you want!  That's one of the "pros" of online zoom lessons! 

You can either re-watch the video from last weeks rehearsal in full, or you can watch it in part and rewind and run over the songs as many times as you need to until you start to INTERNALIZE them!  "Internalizing" is different from memorizing.  Internalizing is when the song just comes flowing out of you and you don't have to think about your notes or your words - you've just sung it so many times that you don't have to think.  THAT is when the MAGIC happens!  And that is when we really EXPERIENCE singing on the vibrational level.  🙂


PLEASE REFER TO THE SCHEDULE to check when all your live rehearsals will be.  We will post the video re-play of every rehearsal so that you have access to them whenever you want all term long.  This will actually greatly speed up the learning curve "if" you use the recordings!


And for those of you who want to work on your personal skill set... we will also put up recordings of all the vocal warms ups, skills & drills (including ear training, sight singing and vocal technique) so you can play around with those over the term as well.  The nice thing about working on "skills and drills" is that you will notice progress!  And nothing feels better than progress!

See you all soon!





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