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Optional Virtual Video Tips

Posted November 19, 2020
by Sandi Melody


Hello all, this is a reminder that we DO NOT want your participation to become a negative stress in your life (positive stress is good, negative stress will produce negative consequences).


Everyone is asked to do only what works well for you in your life.  If you are a real go-getter and you have the time and energy to do all the recordings, that is wonderful!  But, we realize they are time consuming and not everyone is comfortable with the process - that doesn't mean you can't continue showing up and singing along and learning with the choir each week.  Think of the videos as an "extra".  You don't have to do them to participate in our weekly learning.

You do you!  You are welcome to submit just 1 video or a few - and remember they do not have to be perfect.  When we sing along we can hear all the imperfections very clearly.  When we sing together those imperfections are still there but we don't notice them because there are other voices sharing the airwaves. 

It is the combined sound which gives us the illusion of "perfect" sound.  As long as the imperfections aren't happening to everyone at the exact same time it will sound glorious!  So - don't be shy!  Sing out freely and lovingly as if you were singing with your best friends after having had a glass of wine, or as if you were singing to a baby who adores you, or your dog...  the energy with which you sing is much more important to your sound than getting the notes perfect. 

If you are "nervous" the muscles in your body will be tight and that will effect your voice and your confidence, so use your imagination!  Pretend you are a confident performer or pretend you are a character in a play... whatever you need to do to keep the tension at bay so you can really release your pure, heartfelt voice!

En-JOY yourself!  Chances are if you are actually enjoying yourself, we will hear that lightheartedness in your tone, and you will sound confident.  It's a great trick... if you are authentically enjoying yourself while you sing, you will sound your best.  So mentally infuse yourself with JOY just before you start and we will hear it!

🙂 Sandi

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