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About Harmony House Music School

Harmony House Music School

Training musicians since 1993

Music for EVERYONE!

“Music and performance are life-long skills that connect you with others in very special ways. Whether it’s your family, your friends, or a professional career; the ability to make music will change your life. And the good news is… you’re never too old or too young to begin!

Personalized education and life skill development is at the heart of our program, come explore and see where your heart leads!

When I went to post secondary school to study music I really just wanted to be a better musician. I was terrified of performing and desperately wanted to become un-terrified. Like so many music students, I spent most of my time studying theory and history and academics, and taking private lessons. The performance opportunities I experienced were highly intimidating and many of my collegues quit because of it. There were so many times I wished for non-competitive community music school that just lets you focus on improving your skills; where you can study with the great teachers and learn to get better at performing through supportive performance experiences.

I believe music is meant to bring people together to experience something greater than ourselves. That is how it is used in so many “underdeveloped” countries. (ha!) I wanted to create a program that would bring families together in celebration of our awesome children and awesome parents and awesome grandparents. I wanted to foster a sense of fun and personal connection with music. And I wanted to create a program that would give students of all ages the opportunity to collaborate and learn from one another. There is really nothing more inspiring than seeing your peers achieve results.

My passion is truly community Love through music expression. The power in the moments when we witness people discovering their greatness is awesome; in watching and hearing students persevere and progress; in witnessing students support and care for one another. It’s just so beautiful. And from this Loving supportive community it is truly AMAZING where students musical journeys take them.

The HH developed over the last 23 years in direct resonse to supporting the dreams of the students enrolled in the school. This program now has a proven track record of igniting life long passion in it’s participants, and for many professional careers. From professional players and vocalists to recording engineers to music directors to song writers and teachers, our alumni are all doing great things in the world, each one standing out in the crowd with a reputation not only for being an awesome musician but also an human being.

Curious? Let us support you to explore where your heart leads! ”
Sandi Melody

Discover the Quality and Value You Get from Harmony House

Not all music schools are the same. There is no other music program that we know of that trains anyone and everyone in the community who wants to learn to be a solo performer, to become one! Personal opportunity to work with a professional band seals the deal!

We view performance as a skill separate to playing your instrument, and we believe both skills should be developed at the same time. With our program you can develop your musical skills through private lessons, learn from peers and coaches in ensemble and band classes, and experience professional performances in front of a live audience.

More Than Music, The Independent Musician Program is a LEADERSHIP PROGRAM using music as the medium. Why? Because music is a life-long skill with numerous benefits in many aspects of your life.
  • leadership
  • communication
  • team building & cooperation
  • self-expression
  • public speaking
  • CONFIDENCE to do all of the above
The intention of our program is not just to turn out high level players and confident performers, but more importantly well rounded human beings whose habits are humility and integrity; who are clear communicators and confident leaders. Through our equal opportunity philosophy students feel free to express themselves and quickly learn the importance of honesty and cooperation in team building. They experience caring and empathy through their co-creative efforts. It is very common for our students to become close friends and become leaders in their own school programs and beyond. Check out our testimonials to see just how many alumni credit the Harmony House program for their successes in life, both personal and musical!

EDUCATION comes through the RIGHT EXPERIENCES. Whether you’re on stage or in a recording studio or just playing for yourself, we train you thoroughly so you experience what it’s like to stand on your own two feet with the skills to lead and play on your own. You get the satisfaction of true accomplishment!

Join us and learn from our community of musicians, enhance your skills and ignite your passion as you discover for yourself the quality and the value you get from Harmony House.

REMEMBER, The HH Program is Leadership Training Through Music. We take students beyond the classroom to the stage where they learn to perform solo and as part of a group. Every students gets the unique opportunity to experience performing a high-calibre professional band, and every parent gets the unique opportunity of watching their child expressing themselves openly and confidently in public.

Why Choose Harmony House?

27+ Years Experience
We are family-run with a proven track record of delivering caring, quality music programs to children, youth and adults.

Professional Instruction for the Novice and Advanced Musician
We have knowledgeable and reliable teachers who know how to get you to the next level. Many alumni have gone on to professional careers in music.

Positive, Collaborative Learning
Students work with other up-and-coming musicians in a collaborative and inclusive environment. It’s more fun when everyone is helping each other reach their goals. Students excel when they’re supported and inspired to make music with friends.

Student-Directed Learning
Students choose the songs they study and our teachers adapt the lesson to help them acquire the skills they need to perform it.

Our Staff is Fully Qualified and Committed to Teaching

Be Inspired by Excellent Teachers. Students receive CONSISTENT high quality instruction from teachers who have a Bachelors of Music Performance and are actively working as professional independent musicians. Lessons are inspirational, practical and well-rounded, so whether it’s the fundamentals of music or the craft of performance you’re after, we provide optimum support for your musical development.

More Than Lessons, You Can Perform for Real-Life Experience

Harmony House students perform for audiences for real-life musical experiences in Coffee Houses, Children’s Recitals, Small Vocal Ensemble Showcases, Battle of the Bands, The Sun Run, N.V. Canada Day and other charity and community events as well as our formal concerts at Kay Meek Center.