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Budding Musician Program

For Children ages 4 to 9 years
We guarantee by the end of the 1st year of our progressive contemporary keyboard program, ALL our young students will be playing the keyboard confidently with both hands, will introduce themselves to an audience at our December and June recitals, and will write their own song! Each student will learn the basics of public speaking and microphone technique allowing them to sing into a microphone while accompanying themselves on piano.

Foundational skills like theory and ear training are incorporated from day 1 and presented to the children as “games” that can be played at home to reinforce the weekly lessons. The performance class is presented as a “party” where the students gather to play these games together, practice performing for one another, have a healthy snack (like oranges or carrots), and learn a fun group song to perform together at the recitals.

Performing is a very separate skill from playing an instrument, and the best time to start is at the beginning. When you work on playing skills and performing skills in tandem, they develop together naturally. If you wait until your skills are “good enough to perform,” your performance skills will be lacking and behind your playing skills. For most students, the gap feels too big which causes insecurity and frustration. It is a more painful way to becoming a performer and many do not make the transition.