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Small Vocal Ensemble

For Grade 7 through 12, and Adults

What is a small vocal ensemble?

Somewhere between a private lesson and a choir is the small vocal ensemble, and if offers singers the best training possible to develop into a well rounded independent vocalist who can not only step out and belt out a solo when needed, but can also stay back and “punch in” back ground vocals at precise moments with precise notes and with the precise energy and tone so that the blend of the group is unified and polished both in sound and in presentation. It is very refined and detailed work that not only educates about the “art of singing” but also draws out the artist inside every participant. Listen to the examples below.
1:00 – 2:30pm Adults
3:30 – 5:00pm Junior (grade 7/8/9)
5:00 – 6:30pm Senior (grade 10/11/12)

Note: Each student in a vocal ensemble will be expected to choose a song for the group to sing. Together we will co-create the arrangements of the songs we perform based on the abilities and the number of students in the group.

*If you don’t see an ensemble here for you, talk to us! We can create a group with a minimum of 3 participants (maximum 8).

Valerie – sung by Grade 5 Small Vocal Ensemble

Who is the small vocal ensemble for?

Rich Girl – sung by Young Adult Small Vocal Ensemble

The small vocal ensemble is for singers who want to develop and refine all the skills required to sing in harmony with others.
Where private lessons offer the opportunity to work on personal technical skill development for singing solo, the ensemble offers the opportunity to work on building vocal independence while singing with others who are singing complimentary (but different) parts. That’s right! One person on each part. Ear training, sight reading, style study, arranging, improv, microphone technique, stage presence and performance are all the skills we develop as we work together towards:

Winter Express Concert (December),
the Jazz & Blues Dinner Concert (March),
the Vocal Ensemble Showcase (May),
and the Dare to Dream Concert (June).
Adult Vocal Ensemble

Grade 10-12 Advanced Vocal Ensemble

The key to success for everyone in a vocal ensemble...
We hold "Placement Auditions" for our vocal ensembles
Who is this class for?
Sometimes people have difficulty singing "in tune" or holding their pitch