SPRING 2020 Repertoire


Print: Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass | Lyrics | All Parts
Listen: Soprano1 | Soprano2 | Alto1 | Alto2 | Tenor1 | Tenor2 | Bass
ALTO BRIDGE: Phrase-1 | Phrase-2 | Phrase-3 | Phrase-4 | Entire-Bridge
TENOR BRIDGE: Phrase-1 | Phrase-2 | Phrase-1+2 | Phrase-3 | Phrase-4 | Entire-Bridge
Choir Recording: May-01-19
Youtube: Perpetuum Jazzile


Print: Lyrics


Print: Lyrics | All Parts
Listen: Melody | Harmony | All Parts
Additional Files:
Sandi's video warmup with 'Stand By Me' bass line and L.O.V.E. melody
Jeremy's video of harmony for L.O.V.E.

Ukulele Tutorial
Learn the melody for L.O.V.E.
Learn the chords for L.O.V.E.
Play the song L.O.V.E.

Let Us Go Out

Print: All Parts
Listen: All Parts


Print: Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass | Lyrics | All Parts
Listen: Soprano | Soprano1 | Soprano2 | Alto | Alto1 | Alto2 | Tenor | Tenor1 | Tenor2 | Bass | Bass1 | Bass2 | All Parts
Youtube: Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

Peace Canon

Print: All Parts
Listen: Soprano | Alto | Tenor-Bass | All Parts

Stand by Me

Print: Lyrics

The Rain Song

Print: Lyrics
Youtube: Mark Growden of The Calling All Choir
Additional Files:
Play Soprano in solfege
Play Alto in solfege
Play Tenor in solfege
Play Bass in solfege
Play All Parts in solfege

Sight Reading Exercises

Print: Little Playmates
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