I loved every minute of it!!!

When I registered for the Harmony House Choir Camp in 2017 I wasn’t too sure what to expect.  But I loved every minute of it!!!

Sandi and Jeremy are such warm talented people you immediately feel relaxed. There is no pressure to do anything you feel you’re not ready to do. They are amazing at bringing out your best.  Yoga in the mornings to start, a great way to wake up. A great introduction to yoga too. Very interesting learning how much yoga is tied in to singing. We also did choir work and solo work. Although I wasn’t brave enough to do a solo I was absolutely blown away by the energy my fellow ‘campers’ brought to the table. We did some percussive work too. Great fun along with some vocal techniques and a wee bit of theory.

The last day was a performance and it was so amazing to see how far we had all come in 1 week.  A wonderful experience.  All my fellow campers were so lovely, really an amazing week. I’ve signed up again this year and am looking forward to more learning.

Carlynn English
2017 Summer Camp Participant
Member of Spirit's Call Choir
Kathy Duchene
2017 Summer Camp Participant
Member of Spirit's Call Choir

A wonderful week that brought 
more music and more joy into my life!

Other than singing in grade school and at summer camps I had no experience singing with a group! I love music and I sing along with the radio and in the shower, but only when I am alone in the house!

I wanted to bring more music and song into my life and the adult summer camp was a very enjoyable and challenging way to do that. The week was packed full of new things to learn, songs to sing, lots of laughter, and new acquaintances.

It was a big leap for me but Sandi and Jeremy are supportive and encouraging and a font of musical knowledge and skill that made learning doable and fun.

The other participants were a mix of people with recent experience singing with a choir to newbies like me.

It was a wonderful week that brought more music and more joy into my life. I highly recommend it and I am going back for more!

We laughed a lot and sang even more!

There couldn’t have been a better way to spend a week in the summer than at the adult singing camp. Sandi and Jeremy had a full programme planned, so we worked hard but we also laughed a lot and sang even more. Their knowledgeable teaching style provided lots of new ideas on singing technique. Would love to do it again and will certainly recommend it to others.
Judy Gibbins
2017 Summer Camp Participant
Member of Delta Community Choir
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