Don't Fear the Reaper - More Cowbell....

Is this what we're going for, lol


The Music Within

We were talking about this movie during the break at Classic Rock Choir last week.  It is well worth watching.  I don't see it on Netflix or Prime but I've found it for rent on Youtube at  $3.99.

This movie is a documentary about the life of Richard Pimentel, the creator of the guide used first in the U.S. then around the world, teaching workplaces how to integrate people with disability into the workplace.  I had an opportunity to meet Richard at a conference and had a great time chatting with him - he said the movie is an excellent representation of what happened.

Here's the trailer:


The Music Within

I thought I would let you know the movie Jeremy and Sandi were talking about - Music Within - is available on Telus On Demand.

Chocolate Cake

Hi everyone I told about this great recipe for the best chocolate cake I have ever  tasted.  I inadvertently posted it on the Spirit's Call Choir bulletin board.  So if you want to look at it switch to the Spirits Call's page and tap Bulletin Board.  Sorry about this,  Jill

Rick Beato on YouTube

Rick Beato is an American musician, sound engineer and record producer.  He has made a series of YouTube videos called “What Makes This Song Great.”  Included in this series are some of the songs the CRC has done:  Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son, Boston - More Than A Feeling, Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’.  Beato has made other rock related videos such as Top 20 Acoustic Guitar Intros, Top 20 Electric Guitar Intros, Top 20 Vocal Intros and lots of others.  Give them a listen, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!