Happy Song

I have a video of " All God's Children Have a Place in the Choir" which is a very bouncy  old country style song which I can't seem to transfer to our bulletin board,  If you want to perk up your day, email me and I will forward it to you.  Jill.


The Music Within

We were talking about this movie during the break at Classic Rock Choir last week.  It is well worth watching.  I don't see it on Netflix or Prime but I've found it for rent on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkKvQbPxdYU.  $3.99.

This movie is a documentary about the life of Richard Pimentel, the creator of the guide used first in the U.S. then around the world, teaching workplaces how to integrate people with disability into the workplace.  I had an opportunity to meet Richard at a conference and had a great time chatting with him - he said the movie is an excellent representation of what happened.

Here's the trailer: https://youtu.be/xpWs04Gsx-U


Chocolate Cake

Hi everyone I told about this great recipe for the best chocolate cake I have ever  tasted.  I inadvertently posted it on the Spirit's Call Choir bulletin board.  So if you want to look at it switch to the Spirits Call's page and tap Bulletin Board.  Sorry about this,  Jill

Chocolate Cake


CBC article: How singing sea shanties can help you weather the pandemic

Thought I'd share this with you all on singing sea shanties. The CBC article mentions how physically keeping time with others" helps us connect especially during the pandemic (in other words, singing in groups).

"It seems really reasonable that seeing [people] collaborating digitally in this way … and even just witnessing this kind of a collaboration and maybe singing along at home, would give you that feeling of behavioural synchrony that feels so good to us," Cowart said.

Full article and videos of sea shanties can be found with this link. 





Choir begins September 8th

We're looking forward to seeing you all September 8th.  With the rise in COVID and lack of rehearsal space, we are continuing online for now.  Because it's online, people from anywhere are welcome to join.


See you soon.

Jeremy & Sandi