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Suitable for singers who want to learn yoga technique and how it can help prepare the body for maximum vocal resonance, and for yogi’s interested in learning the fundamentals of healthy vocal technique.
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    Each day we will spend 45 minutes opening & relaxing the body, followed by 45 minutes of singing. The acoustics of each location offer us an opportunity to maximize the experience of vocal vibration; you will be pleasantly surprised how deeply the sound penetrates and how glorious we all sound! I will teach you beautiful chants, uplifting songs and the basics of improvising!

   EACH CLASS IS AN OCCASION for us to BECOME AWAKENED to the power of mantra, to fall in love with mantras and experience them in the purest form that we can create. OUR COLLECTIVE INTENTION is to connect with people to share light and love. Chanting in community is very healing and a powerful stress reliever. It’s a way for people to connect, relax and find a sense of inner peace. And these states can last for days if not all week long!

AVAILABLE TO ANYONE & EVERYONE WHO IS INTERESTED.  The type of yoga we will do is gentle hatha style. All exercises can be adapted to chair yoga so you don’t have to be “super bendy” to participate!! But if you happen to be a super bendy person and/or already know a lot about yoga and what your body likes in terms of opening and preparing for singing, Sandi welcomes students to go with their own flow. Ultimately teaching students enough yoga repertoire that they can follow their own flow is her goal for all her students.

New sessions of yoga-sing TBA!

Weekly Classes

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Fridays 10:30am to 12:00pm, 
Jan 15 to Feb 26, 2021  $96
Mar 19 to Apr 30, 2021   $96
May 21 to Jun 25, 2021  $83

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About the Teacher

     Sandi Melody is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS - Langara College, Ajna Yoga College). She also is a registered pilates mat instructor and has a long history in physical training and competitive swimming from 1970 - 1983. She became a certified swim coach, fitness teacher, and personal fitness trainer in the mid-late 80’s before embarking on her post secondary education and subsequent career in voice training and music performance.

     Sandi performed her graduation recital from Cap U’s Jazz Studies in Vocal Performance Program in 1996. Since then she has taught hundreds of private vocal students and developed a reputation for being a contemporary voice teacher that produced results. She developed a training program for singers that provided not only expert weekly guidance on skill development, but also support and opportunity to perform every month. As a result many of her students are now professional vocalists and singer-songwriters working around the world.

     Gentle Hatha Yoga had always been a part of her private voice teaching, but during her "subtle body energy awareness class" at her Yoga Teacher Training she realized that this “energy awareness” was exactly what she had been working with and teaching her students to master in vocal technique all these years.

     The Yoga-sing class was officially launched at an Adult Summer Singing Camp in 2015. Each morning Sandi would spend 30 minutes helping students relax and open their bodies with yoga asana and pranayama before embarking on 30 minutes of singing warm ups and vocal exercises and then 30 minutes integrating the techniques we are learning into singing songs. At the end of the camp participants expressed how much they LOVED that part of the camp, and asked her if she would consider running a yoga/singing class during the rest of the year. And thus... the Yoga-sing class was born!

     Sandi has been practicing yoga herself since 1981 and misses the old days of smaller classes in big spaces with lots of room for personal space between mats. She chose The Labyrinth room at St. Paul’s Anglican Church and West Vancouver United Church gym to teach this class for this very reason, and because they are warm and inviting spaces, and the acoustics are absolutely AMAZING!

     A maximum of 8 students per class insures a personalized experience in a supportive community… the best way to learn!

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    Every series is different which allows students to continue from series to series, applying all the different techniques into beautiful songs with uplifting messages. Discounts are given for purchase of multiple series.