interested in yoga and singing.

Experience Yoga-Sing!

Suitable for singers who want to learn yoga technique and how it can help prepare the body for maximum vocal resonance, and for yogi’s interested in learning the fundamentals of healthy vocal technique.
    Each day we will spend 45 minutes opening & relaxing the body, followed by 45 minutes of singing, with the social option of going out afterward for tea, snacks or a meal. The LABYRINTH acoustics offer us an opportunity to maximize the experience of vocal vibration. If you have not sung in this room before you will be pleasantly surprised how deeply the sound penetrates and how glorious we all sound! I will teach you beautiful chants, uplifting songs and the basics of improvising!

   EACH CLASS IS AN OCCASION for us to BECOME AWAKENED to the power of mantra, to fall in love with mantras and experience them in the purest form that we can create. OUR COLLECTIVE INTENTION is to connect with people to share light and love. Chanting in community is very healing and a powerful stress reliever stress. It’s a way for people to connect, relax and find a sense of inner peace. And these states can last for days if not all week long!

AVAILABLE TO ANYONE & EVERYONE WHO IS INTERESTED.  The type of yoga we will do is gentle hatha style. All exercises can be adapted to chair yoga so you don’t have to be “super bendy” to participate!! But if you happen to be a super bendy person and/or already know a lot about yoga and what your body likes in terms of opening and preparing for singing, she welcomes students to go with their own flow. Ultimately teaching students enough yoga repertoire that they can follow their own flow is Sandi's goal for all her students.

2019/2020 Yoga Sessions

Series #1

Fridays, Sep 13 to Oct 25, 2019

6 Classes, $132
10:30am to 12:00pm

Series #2

Fridays, Nov 1 to Dec 13, 2019

6 Classes, $132
10:30am to 12:00pm

Series #3

Fridays, Jan 24 to Mar 13, 2020

8 Classes, $176
10:30am to 12:00pm

Series #4

Fridays, Apr 24 to Jun 5, 2020

6 Classes, $132
10:30am to 12:00pm

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All classes take place at The Labyrinth 
beside St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 
1140 Jervis Street, Vancouver, BC.

Pricing Plans


6/8 Classes at $22/class
90 minutes each week of gentle yoga and singing.
Lifetime Access to the members website with notes and recordings of each class.
Optional: Enjoy lunch out after class.
EARLY BIRD: Register 4 weeks in advance for 10% OFF


20% OFF the Regular Session Price
26 classes less than $18/class 
Everything you get in the Regular Session at more than 20% off!
90 minutes each week of gentle yoga and singing.
Lifetime Access to the members website with notes and recordings of each class.
Optional: Enjoy lunch out after class.
(20% off)
Monthly Payment Option Available on Request.

About the Teacher

     Sandi has been singing and practicing yoga for over 35 years. She became a voice instructor in 1993 after completing her graduation recital at Capilano University’s Bachelor of Jazz Studies Vocal Performance Program. Since then she has taught hundreds of vocalists and become a contemporary vocal technique aficionado! Her awareness of subtle body energy and her ability to explain “technique” in ways that students understand and can apply themselves has earned her a long standing reputation as a teacher who produces results.

     When taking her yoga teacher training at Langara College in 2013 she recognized the similarities of subtle body energy work in using that awareness to enhance the yoga poses. She always knew yoga was good for singing and vice versa, but after her teacher training she realized that the “technique” of both disciplines were essentially the same thing. In 2016 she combined her passion for yoga and vocal technique at a 5 day adult choir camp and it was a big hit. She did it again this past summer and many of those students asked her to run a class during the year… so, here it is!

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