"The Yoga Sing Retreat weekend spent on Stowel Lake Farm was a heart-opening experience. This beautiful place on Saltspring Island was the ideal setting for this retreat and the food and hospitality on the farm were beyond incredible.

Sandi and Jeremy organized a wonderful gathering of diverse minds, bodies, ages, and perspectives that came together to create a harmonious weekend. Sandi’s way of integrating multiple perspectives into her practice made this retreat accessible to so many different people. This made room for rich conversation, vulnerability, growth, emotions and, above all, love. The supportive and nurturing atmosphere gave me the freedom to sing and dance in a way that I have not felt comfortable to in a long time.

It’s strange to be able to come to a place with fifteen other strangers and feel close to them after three days, but this retreat allowed us to experience and grow together in a way that created genuine care and love for each individual there.

I felt nourished and refreshed all weekend thanks to the farm, food, and beautiful souls that I met throughout. I will be returning next year without a doubt. Thank you all for opening my heart and soul to something deeper.
All my gratitude,"
Nicola Cartwright
Victoria, British Columbia
"I think of my body as my musical instrument. The Yoga-Sing retreat helped me tune my instrument and prepare it for a concert, even if I’m only singing by myself. I have led many elementary school children’s choirs (retired now) and can appreciate how these Yoga-Sing exercises and songs would have helped me back then. As a senior male the yoga was perfect: restorative while still holding some challenges for me and definitely designed to tune my instrument. For the singing and the yoga I would recommend the Yoga-Sing retreat to any age, gender and skill level. You will benefit. And the evening program was so much fun and filled with such an incredible spirit of community that it would almost have been worthwhile to go just for that. Top marks all around!"
Barry Gray
Nelson, British Columbia
"I had the best time at Yoga-sing retreat last week. It was simply a great community getting together to appreciate life and time we have here with all the beauty around us, nature and people. Thank you Sandi Melody and Jeremy Vallance for making this event a memorable one. I met amazing people, had great experience of singing in public and enjoying myself being at the present. I am so grateful for people I met and their stories. I will join you in next year retreat god willing. Blessings to all."
Soheila Aghai
North Vancouver, British Columbia
"In my fifty years as a yoga teacher, I have experienced many fine yoga retreats. This one was by far the most fun."
Laura Krown
Vancouver, British Columbia
"I loved the Yoga Sing weekend so much!! Thank you to Sandi and Jeremy for having the vision for such a special experience! And thank you to all the participants for sharing themselves with all of us. Truly memorable and I look forward to seeing all of you again."
Kelly Jane Oberle
Furry Creek, British Columbia
"This weekend YogaSing retreat was the first time I have participated in this kind of experience. The Stowel Lake Farm venue was stunning and the group that attended was diverse but quickly bonded. The blend of both collective and individual strengths and emotion was very moving. I had the added bonus of sharing this weekend (and a yurt!) with my daughter which brought me great joy as the first time we've really had an adventure together as adults! Sandi led us in a great variety of yoga, dancing, singing and vocal techniques that felt freeing and natural, but which also pushed some personal boundaries in a friendly, safe and nurturing environment . The pace of the weekend with such a lovely variety of activities, people, and challenge hit a nice balance all the way around. I'd attend another Harmony House Yoga-Sing retreat in a flash! Thank you to Sandi and Jeremy for offering an amazing way to be together in such a healthy, caring and fun way."
Lisa Cartwright
North Vancouver, British Columbia
"I just spent the most amazing 4 days on a yoga-sing retreat that was given by Sandi Melody and co-organized by Jeremy Vallance. It will be the first of many I’m sure if the reaction of the people who attended is anything to go by.
It was held on Salt Spring Island on an organic farm named Stowel Lake Farm.  I was very curious about this as I had never been to anything like it and wasn’t sure what to expect. I have taken Sandi’s yoga-sing sessions that happen throughout the year, and love those, but this was different being a 4 day event .  But I was so very happy that I attended.

Sandi and a Jeremy had taken a lot of time to make sure that the itinerary was well balanced throughout the whole weekend.  The yoga was gentle so if you were new to it there was no problem being able to feel you were part of the group. Sandi made sure to include alternate poses that included people of all levels of ability.

The singing and chanting was very meditative and not too challenging and again Sandi made sure to include everyone and all abilities. A lot of the songs we learned were call and response so very easy to learn and remember.
We also were given a binder on arrival that set out the weekend and included lots of information on breathing related to yoga and singing and movement.

We went on a hike in nearby Ruckle Park which was lovely, of course if you wanted to have some quiet time there was lots of space for that too.

The farm was amazing and the food was so fresh and tasty. The accommodations were very comfortable and the weather cooperated too; lovely and sunny and warm.

I really enjoyed this retreat and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about how yoga breathing and singing are closely related.  Sandi and a Jeremy did a tremendous job in getting this organized and all the people who I spent time with this weekend loved it.

I will do it again.  Many thanks to both Sandi and Jeremy for all your hard work ."
Carlynn English
North Vancouver, British Columbia
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