Therapeutic Yoga 
for Body & Mind 

with Sandi Melody

Your Healing Journey... 

 The Harmony House Community offers every "bodymind" a place to discover whole system lifestyle tools and techniques for Self healing.

LIVE and INTERACTIVE classes ONLINE, September 8th, 2020 to June 25, 2021.
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Tensegrity Repair

90 minute live ONLINE class
recording available for 7 days after class
It’s all about fascia! The Tensegrity Repair Series is made up of slow and accessible movements that are designed to help restore body awareness, rehydrate the body's connective tissue system to increase healthy range of motion in the hips, shoulders, and spine, and strengthen and stabilise the core and pelvis.
TUESDAYS 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
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Yoga for Bone Health

90 minute live ONLINE class
recording available for 7 days after class
Did you know our total bone mass peaks around age 35?  Based on Dr. Loren Fishman’s bone research and his recommendations for holding specific yoga poses for just 12 - 76 seconds per day, this class is for anyone who wants to learn how to build bone density and core strength, including people with osteopenia or osteoporosis.
WEDNESDAYS 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
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Yin Yoga + Meditation

90 minute live ONLINE class
recording available for 7 days after class
Yin Yoga emphasizes passive, static postures, held for long periods of time, with muscles and mind in a relaxed state. This meditative practice allows for the dense connective tissues in and around the muscles and joints to be stimulated, stretched, and ultimately strengthened.  Yin Yoga is meant to complement and supplement one’s yang practice, whether that is yoga or aerobics or hiking. Yin isn’t meant to be a standalone practice; it’s "the other half” (or missing piece) to our yang lifestyle.

Each class will be 75 minutes followed by 15 minutes of seated meditation.
THURSDAYS 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
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90 minute live ONLINE class
recording available for 7 days after class
Suitable for singers who want to learn yoga technique and how it can help prepare the body for maximum vocal resonance, and for yogi’s interested in learning the fundamentals of healthy vocal technique.
FRIDAYS 10:30am - 12:00pm PDT
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All classes run from September 2020 through June 2021.
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Membership from September 2020 to June 2021 (10 payments maximum).  Includes 20% discount from our Yoga Prop Shop
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Series 1: Sept 8 to Oct 30, 2020
Series 2: Nov 3 to Dec 18, 2020
Series 3: Jan 4 to Feb 26, 2021 (8 weeks)
Series 4: Mar 23 to May 7, 2021 
Series 5: May 11 to June 25, 2021 (6 weeks)
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In GratitudeSandi & Jeremy
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A safe place to both challenge and enJOY a deep connection to your Self.
Together we will work on "subtle body energy" awareness, (i.e.: listening to what your body is telling you!), and learning to balance our energy (body, mind & spirit). 

As we stretch and strengthen our bodymind, we intentionally lift our spirits so that we are better able to consciously connect to Love and "serve our community" - not only in the moment, but throughout the week and in all areas of our life.

If lack of funds is a concern, give us a call.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Healing Through Joy

Private Yoga Therapy with Sandi Melody
Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals
to progress toward improved health and well-being
through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga. 
Learn More
New Client Special
by appointment
I am accepting clients/students to participate in my 50 hour Yoga Therapist Internship at 50% off my regular one-on-one rates.

Specifically I am looking for 3 to 6 client/students to take 5 to 10 private yoga therapy sessions with me.

Special Rate:  
$75/hour  (Regular $150/hour)
Call to book
(778) 788-9347
About the Instructor
Sandi Melody is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. She completed her 240 hour Classic Training at Langara College in Vancouver, BC, Canada and her 500 hour Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga at Ajna Yoga College in Victoria.

In the 1980's she trained as technical swim coach achieving NCCP Senior Level 3 status and spent a year coaching in Omagari, Japan. She was a BCPRA Fitness Leader, Personal Trainer and later became a CSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor.

As a sensitive and passionate student with an eye and ear for details, she found her niche as a “vocal technique specialist" and music performance coach in the early 1990's, several years before her graduation recital from the Capilano University Jazz Studies and Vocal Performance Performance program in 1996.

Gentle Hatha Yoga and Pranayama (breathing techniques) have been a part of her vocal teaching since day one. There are so many tools and techniques used in vocal training that are also used in yoga study, so it was a natural marriage for her to combine singing & yoga into one class. Her Yoga-Sing Retreats at Stowel Lake Farm focus on personal creativity and skill building, self exploration and community support. It’s a real opportunity for personal transformation through Joy-full discovery. A 3 day opportunity to dive deep and both nourish and nurture your spirit.

Sand has been practicing yoga on and off since 1981 and really misses the old days of small classes in big spaces with lots of room for personal space between mats. She specifically chose The Labyrinth Room at St. Paul's in Vancouver and WV United Church gym for this very reason, and because they are warm and inviting spaces both beautiful with AMAZING acoustics!
Sandi has trained in Yoga for:
Wrists & Shoulders
Knees & Hips
Back Care
Trauma & Mental Health
Healthy Aging
Terminal Illness
Chronic Fatigue
Heart Health

as well as...
Pilates Mat
Restorative Yoga
Chair Yoga
Inversions & Backbends
Yin Yoga
Tensegrity & Fascia
Vayus & Alignment
Brain on Yoga
Yoga Philsophy